Welcome to the website for the Bushfire Front  Inc (BFF) of Western Australia.

The BFF advocates better management of fire in WA, especially on forested lands, to reduce the impact and severity of bushfire damage.

This sort of conflagration is what we are trying to avoid!


This was Victoria in February 2009, which resulted in the loss of over 170 lives, but the same thing could so easily happen here in several parts of the South West of the State.

Our focus is mainly on the South West part of the State, although there are extensive areas of land outside that zone that also have severe fire management problems and from time to time we will also draw attention to those.

We are practical bushfire specialists, with hundreds of years’ accumulated experience in preventing bushfire damage to people, property and forests. Each of us has worked in bushfire prevention, bushfire science, fire control planning, administration or operations, some of us for over 35 years.

The standard of fire management in WA has declined to a dangerous level. Unless urgent action is taken to improve it, WA is headed for a major fire disaster, and one much worse than the 2010 Toodyay fire that destroyed 38 homes.

We came perilously close to a Canberra-style disaster in the Perth Hills in 2005. We learnt nothing from that event, so we had the 2011 Roleystone disaster, and then, soon after, the Margaret River fire.

While we can improve the situation with better planning, better coordination between agencies and more on-ground resources, all it needs in WA is the right combination of severe fire weather and the high fuel loads now common in the South West and we could have a disaster of Victorian magnitude on our hands. We can’t control the weather but we can control the fuel loads – but it is not happening to the extent necessary.

This website provides:

  • A glossary of fire management terms.
  • Descriptions of the value of prescribed burning (fuel reduction burning) in reducing bushfire damage.
  • Information on the severity and impact of some recent bushfires in WA. 
  • A source of scientific information on bushfire management in forested land in Western Australia. 
  • Up to date news on important fire management issues facing the State on both private and publicly owned land, including identification of dangerous “hot spots”. 
  • An account of activities of the Bush Fire Front aimed at improving the standard of fire management in WA.
  • A commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the disastrous 1961 fire season, including details of our book Tempered by Fire. 

Note: We use acronyms such as CALM (Department of Conservation and Land Management), DEC (Department of Environment and Conservation), and FESA (Fire and Emergency Services Agency). Some text refers to CALM instead of DEC as the matter being discussed occurred when the agency had that title. The same comments apply to FESA, which changed to the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) in 2012.

 Please browse through our website and realise the need for action, then support us by putting pressure on the State Government to address the situation.

enjoy ….. – and be informed :-)