What is The Bushfire Front?


The Bushfire Front is a small, independent, think-tank devoted to improving bushfire protection for Western Australians. Our first aim is to minimise bushfire damage to families in urban areas adjoining cities and in country towns. We also wish to protect community and environmental assets, fine forests and water supplies. We want to avoid needless waste and sorrow.


We know about bushfires. Over many decades we have fought and studied them and run complex fire operations. We were part of a team that took Western Australia to the forefront of international bushfire protection. But over the last 15 years we have seen the systems we developed fall into disrepair, or fail to evolve to confront new threats. The risk of a catastrophic bushfire in Western Australia is now higher that any time since the 1950s.


What do we want?


A single person or organisation to be in charge of bushfire management in WA.

A greatly expanded program of fuel reduction burning to minimise the threat of “killer” fires in and around homes, farms and townsites.

Effective fuel reduction burning in the national parks, State forests and water catchments of the south-west, to minimise the risk of summer infernos.

A commitment and action from the State government and Local Governments to protect rural communities from bushfire damage, and to enforce Bush Fire law.

School children and communities to be well-educated in bushfire science, prevention, resistance and safety, and the impacts of bushfires and fuel reduction burning.

A transparent, annual and independent audit of the State’s bushfire control system, with public reports.

Leadership and sound bushfire management to start at the top, and Government to be accountable for achieving this.



Why do we want these things?


1.            Our warnings to government about poor fire management over the last 6 years have been persistently rejected or ignored.

2.            Bushfire prevention and control has low priority in the State government and in Local Government Authorities.

3.            The community is apathetic and fire protection systems have fallen into decline.

4.            The crucial fuel reduction burning program in south-west forests has been allowed to fall behind by at least a decade, and there is no formal program at all for private land.

5.           There have been major demographic changes – many more people now live in bushfire-prone areas, and often these people have little bushfire experience.

6.            The State’s fire protection agencies have been influenced by ill-informed opposition to fuel reduction burning.


The Bush Fire Front is a Western Australian voluntary organisation dedicated to protecting householders, farmers and forests from the ravages of bushfires. Our focus is the southwest corner of WA, where hundreds of thousands of people, valuable property, public assets and priceless forests are threatened by wildfire.

We are practical bushfire specialists, with hundreds of years’ accumulated experience in preventing bushfire damage to people, property and forests. We are a group of West Australians deeply concerned to prevent bushfire damage to people, lives and forests. Each of us has worked in bushfire prevention, bushfire science, fire planning, administration or operations for over 35 years.