This part of the Bush Fire Front website provides further material on issues affecting bush fire management in Western Australia. It differs from the other pages on the website in that it contains comments on a wide range of matters that are often contentious in the public arena. The views expressed here may not agree with those held by some sections of the community, but are the opinions of the experienced fire managers who constitute the Bush Fire Front. They are based on very wide practical fire management in all parts of Australia, and ongoing close contact with fire research bodies.

The first subpage is entitled BFF Comment, which contains a variety of shorter articles on topical matters. Currently they are:

1.     The Eastern States Fires

2.     Land Use and Bush Fires

3.     Who Are the Beneficiaries?

4.     Bush Fire Smoke

5.     Review of the WA Fire and Emergency Services Legislation

6.  Fire and Your Wine

7.  Forest Fire and the Wilderness Society

8. The Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission 2010 


How Bad is it Really?

The short answer is that the bushfire situation in Western Australia is really bad. Just look at the list of major bushfires since 2000:


Fire losses

Not exactly covering ourselves in glory, are we?

The media have given a lot of attention to how these fires have been fought. All sorts of people have weighed into the debate. The less they know about the real world of bushfire management the louder they express their opinions.

Some of these commentators argue strongly for more and larger water bombers, entirely disregarding the costs and practicality of this approach. It is a pity they did not take the time to read a report on the effectiveness of water bombing (especially by large aircraft) prepared by the Bushfire CRC, entitled Fire Note 50, available on the Bushfire CRC website. this issue is examined in more detail in a following subpage.